Saturday, January 16, 2016

Reishin Richard Collins Receives Shiho (dharma transmission)

On the night of January 2, 2016, in a private ceremony, Robert Livingston Roshi, Abbot of the New Orleans Zen Temple, bestowed shiho (dharma transmission) on his disciple Richard Collins, naming him as his successor and head of the New Orleans Zen Temple.

Richard Collins received bodhisattva (lay) ordination in 2001, monastic ordination in 2010, and permission to teach under the direction of the abbot in 2012. He founded the Zen Fellowship of Alexandria in 2008 and the Zen Fellowship of Bakersfield in 2011.

Shiho, an intimate ceremony between teacher and student, empowers the disciple to transmit independently the Zen teachings in the Deshimaru lineage.

This is the second time Robert Livingston has given dharma transmission, the first to Tony Bland Roshi of the Mississippi Zen group.


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