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See the Directions, Health and Safety, and Practicalities pages above for essential information. If you are new, you will need an appointment for your first visit. Read below for more information.

General Information

Introduction to Zen Practice, Photo by Robin Ramirez

The Zen Fellowship practices at Bakersfield Budo on Saturday mornings from 7:30-9:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted on the calendar. Other weekday live Zoom sessions may also be scheduled.

Please follow all current health and safety protocols linked above, and stay home if you feel sick.

The door will be locked promptly at 7:25 am, five minutes before the han strikes.

For late arrivals, see "Continuing Practitioners" below.

Appointments for Newcomers and Visitors

Saturday attendance for newcomers is by appointment only and scheduled on the first Saturday of each month. Email the director to express your interest. In your message, include the following:

  1. Your experience level with Zen practice
  2. Which first Saturday you would like to attend
Someone will respond to confirm a day, time, and other instructions.


For beginners, an introduction is required before dojo practice. If we schedule one with you, arrive before 7:00 am. Read our Practicalities of the Dojo page for some preliminary advice on dress and other matters, and a sneak peek of what to expect. 

A donation of $20 ($10 for students) is appreciated - more or less as you are able. Your tax deductible offering will go toward furthering our mission of bringing Zen practice to the community. 

Don't be late!

There is much to cover in an introduction, so if you are late, your appointment will be cancelled. Reach out to request a reschedule.

If you have experience with Zen dojo practice, we may decide to waive the introduction. If this is the case, you can request attendance on any given Saturday and arrive any time before 7:25 am when the door locks. 

Continuing Practitioners

After your first attendance, you are welcome to continue practicing with us without appointment. Simply check the schedule to make sure we will be open, and arrive before 7:25 am.

If you miss the open door, you are welcome to attend the second 8:00 am sitting directly after kinhin. Be at the door around 8 o’clock, and someone will let you in. Prepare quietly in the gaitan during kinhin, and then join the others in the dojo when the bell strikes and practitioners are returning to their zafus.


Childcare is not available at this time.

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