Image: Broken Pine Needle Stitch of a Rakusu
Broken Pine Needle Stitch of a Rakusu


For questions relating to practice, upcoming events, and this website, email the director.

For donations, email the treasurer.


We practice zazen (Zen meditation) Saturday mornings in the Dustbowl Dojo at the Forum of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Visitors are welcome, and sitting cushions are provided.

We will be happy to provide you with dojo and zazen instruction before your first sitting with us. Contact us first, and plan on arriving twenty minutes prior to start time to fill out a waiver and receive an introduction. A donation of $10-$20 is appreciated, more or less as you are able. Your tax deductible offering will go toward furthering our mission of bringing Zen practice to the community.


If you are interested in childcare, see our childcare policy and contact us to request.


2216 17th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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