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Starting a Home Practice

By Gary Enns | 2022-9-10 | Saturday Morning Mondo | First-time Visitor : “How do you start a home practice?” Location  Where you practice at home is probably the first consideration. Where are you going to set yourself up?  Especially when you are first starting out, a distraction-free environment is probably best, a quiet room or patio, for instance. All of us through force of habit are prone to follow distractions when they present themselves, so reducing these can help us to settle and focus.  That said, I will note that if a quiet place is hard to come by, don't let that stop you from practicing. You don't need to put on noise-proof ear muffs and a sleeping mask to cut off the senses. This is not sensory deprivation practice. Life is noisy, sometimes messy and chaotic, and Zen certainly isn’t about denying all of that. Even if you find a relatively quiet spot, cars may still rev by, kids may come and go, pouring cereal into bowls. The clock continues to tick, gardeners mow

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