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Dharma Gates and Beginner's Mind

By Gary Enns | 2022-04-23 | Saturday Morning Mondo | Back to Basics Practitioner 1 : "It’s been eight years since I last sat. I should have stretched beforehand! I had some pain in my ankles, but halfway through, they sort of adjusted. I’m getting used to the breathing and the posture again. I’m getting back to the basics." Good! We always go back to the basics, every one of us, every time we sit down on the cushion. Posture first, then breath, for every one of us, this is the same returning.  In this practice, we are cultivating our beginner's mind. We don't come to the cushion with a bag full of concepts and ideas. We come fresh, with an open mind, ready to continue cultivating that openness.  When we sit down, we find the posture and breath again, coming back to them like old friends. These are fundamentals—in fact, so fundamental to our way of being that we don’t have to carry knowledge of them around, just like we don’t have to relearn how to ride a

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